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In the land of the blind – a one-eyed man is king*

Shelia Pratt – Post Media’s Op-Ed writer at the Edmonton Journal and self-appointed Omar Khadr Cheerleader – reported on Thursday  that admitted “teen terrorist” Khadr is suffering from vision-loss in his remaining right eye.

Khadr was left blind in his left eye by shrapnel from detonated ordinance that he and his accomplices unleashed during the July 2002 final firefight that resulted in the death of two Afgan interpreters, death of U.S Special Forces medic Sgt Christopher Speer as well as the severe wounding/impairment of at least 4 other military personnel – including Layne Morris.

Had Khadr not been saved through extraordinary measures by the U.S Medics who had just witnessed one of their own being blown to pieces in front of them by these terrorist belligerents – he himself would have quickly succumbed to his battlefield injuries.   In saving Kadr’s life they ignored his demands to kill him – and in his diary an officer recounted that he was about to tell one of his soldiers to put a bullet into the badly-wounded Khadr – before a member of the Delta 3 squad told him not to harm prisoners.

Apparently, Khadr needs surgery soon to repair his vision or it “may be permanently effected” according to his Concordia University English instructor Arlette Zinck.

In a related development his lawyers were reportedly “stunned” to learn the Supreme Court of Canada will review the Governments challenge to Khadr’s successful Alberta Court of Appeal decision that allowed him to be held at a lower security Provincial Jail.  Personally, as a non-lawyer, I have never heard of the Supreme Court rejecting a Government challenge – as they are usually made for very valid reasons.

The general public was equally surprised when Khadr’s lawyers did an “about face” after this win and decided Khadr should remain in a Federal Institution as they discovered he would receive better access to programs such as studies that would allow him to complete his High School diploma.

So one wonders why Khadr’s lawyers bothered to appeal Justice Rooke’s original decision at all.


* Attributed to Erasmus “Adagia” [1500] and interpreted to mean that “even one of limited ability is considered extraordinary by those of even less or no ability at all.”


Democrats blame CIA for torture.

senate intel committeeHere is the U.S Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s retiring from briefing following the release of report on the CIA’s “Detention and Interrogation Program”.  Ezra Levant from Sun News gives a very accurate overview of the event.

Here is a link to a PDF of the report.

  • As far as I can tell – nothing is new – except for the spin by the Democrats.  Moving from “about 100 terror suspects” to “119 detainee spread over dozens of black sites around the world – including Gitmo” is hardly “inaccurate” given the problem.   A definition of “inaccurate”in this case would be an order of magnitude – twice, thrice or more.  Twenty?  Come on.
  • Formerly tortured Vietnam Vet Senator John McCain closely monitored these interrogation techniques and was briefed on their progress.  He disagreed with Sen. Diane Feinstein’s partisan characterization of the report.
  • Recall that their ISIS opponents “enhanced interrogation techniques” often ends up with the subject dead.
  • We shall see this report used to help advance Omar Khadr case in Canada against the government.