Ahmed in Wonderland

Well, well – wonders never cease.

In the process of reading about a complaint to the CBC Ombudsperson Esther Enkin about their reporting on a recent Omar Khadr news report – I found that there is a KHADR APOLOGIST website called http://www.freeomarkhadr.com!  Naturally they do not allow “open” comments (or any comments at all) as they would be forever giving their many detractors an opportunity to call them out on their perfidy.  As I am all for free speech – I welcome this site as a perfect example of what WOULD NOT exist in any nation that Khadr and his supporters cite as exemplars of what Canada should become.

Now I don’t have to search as hard for Khadr sympathizers propaganda as it is all in one place.

As to the complaint towards CBC – Ms Enkin rejected the charges with her typical alacrity.


One response to “Ahmed in Wonderland

  1. I got a ‘cannot open page’ message for the khadr apologist website. Well done exposing these useful idiots!

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