Monthly Archives: November 2014

Ahmed in Wonderland

Well, well – wonders never cease.

In the process of reading about a complaint to the CBC Ombudsperson Esther Enkin about their reporting on a recent Omar Khadr news report – I found that there is a KHADR APOLOGIST website called! ¬†Naturally they do not allow “open” comments (or any comments at all) as they would be forever giving their many detractors an opportunity to call them out on their perfidy. ¬†As I am all for free speech – I welcome this site as a perfect example of what WOULD NOT exist in any nation that Khadr and his supporters cite as exemplars of what Canada should become.

Now I don’t have to search as hard for Khadr sympathizers propaganda as it is all in one place.

As to the complaint towards CBC – Ms Enkin rejected the charges with her typical alacrity.