Ezra Levant horsewhips The Ottawa Citizen for running a propaganda piece by Omar Khadr on the day of the funeral of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo.  Another victim of the same brand of terror that Omar Khadr practiced and remains unrepentant for.

Here is a link to the Sun News video.



  1. Canadian media loves terrorists and pislamists

  2. No surprise here – that the Ottawa Citizen would use its public forum to disrespect a Canadian hero and fawn over an Islamo-fascist like Khadr. Postmedia news is broke. Fewer and fewer people are interested in paying for their liberal pap. Oh, they will read it but they won’t pay for it. So, they publish anything that might sell a few more newspapers – the more extreme and outrageous the better. And since their only paying audience are the extreme left, and Muslims, they write for them. Their bottom line, financial survival, is all that counts now as they twist in the wind desperately trying to maintain some social relevance before they sink into obscurity. They buried any ounce of principle and morality a long time ago – thus, this front page terrorist sycophancy on the very day Canadians are mourning a loyal hero who became a victim of the Khadrs who thrive among us with the support of the self-hating cheerleaders in the media . The Ottawa Citizen is to be distained, and then ignored. It has become an embarrassing left-propaganda rag that attracts interest only if it publishes this sort of shocking tabloid editorial – clearly, by the way, misrepresented as written by the shallow, uneducated Khadr. Yeh – Right!

  3. Unbelievable that a supposed responsible media outlet like the Ottawa Citizen would publish such outrageous nonsense and especially in the time frame when Canadians were honouring a real hero. What don’t they get about terrorism and terrorists? Khadr is a criminal terrorist belonging to a criminal terrorist organization. His crimes are documented as was his conviction for these crimes. The terror organization he supports has sworn to commit acts of terror against Canadians at any opportunity. Why should he be given a sounding board for his murderous ideology anywhere? This is disgusting beyond words.

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