Let Khadr tell his own story

Letter to Edmonton Journal RE: Opinion – July 30, 2014

Khadr is an admitted killer who would have been sentenced to 40 years in jail had his sentence not been interrupted by our hypocritical Canadian government.  Would we let Paul Bernardo, who defended his heinous crimes, give a self-serving interview to the public from inside his jail cell?  Not a chance.  We did not give falsely convicted inmates like David Milgaard or Steven Truscott or Donald Marshall a podium to preach from, and they never admitted to the crime they were falsely convicted of committing.

Why would we give someone who was a traitor to his country, entered a battlefield against his fellow countrymen with the object of killing, injuring, maiming and harming men and women that Canadians, you and me, sent to that battlefield to defend and protect us, a chance to speak?  We should allow a man who has never repented of his crimes or promised to avoid any association with family and friends who continue to preach in support of the same traitorous crimes, a public podium to further injure the memories of the 158 soldiers who died on that battlefield and the family of his dead victim as well as his surviving victims? His crimes speak loudly for themselves.

And why would a self-respecting, principled reporter and news outlet ever consider publishing his words?  To sell newspapers in a down market?

Sharon Maclise


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