German Public Broadcaster “Deutsche Welle” appalled at Amnesty International report.

The International arm of Public News organization “Deutsche Welle” was appalled at a report critical of EU Immigration Policy by formerly highly regarded “International Human Rights” NGO Amnesty International (AI).

In Canada, Amnesty International has been an active supportive of Omar Khadr with efforts to have his crimes minimized or his sentence significantly reduced – mostly on the general philosophy that he is being unfairly blamed for his crimes (despite his guilty plea). AI seems to believe that western countries benefit immeasurably from other cultures and large-scale immigration irregardless of the cost or social dislocations.  It appears to stem from a “Nobless oblige” attitude that wealthy Western societies “owe” less-developed nations generous treatment across a broad range of social and legal issues as a kind of quid-pro-quo for Colonial conquest and exploitation of past centuries.

Of course none of this behaviour by AI is a surprise – it merely reinforces how far from the real meaning of Human Rights such organizations have strayed.




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