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Impeaching Obama?

Ezra Levant interviews author Andrew C. McCarthy about his new book “Faithless Execution” and his arguments that POTUS Obama must be impeached.


Surprising battle between 2 Egyptian women about Islam

As self-described –  the supposedly “devout Muslim women” is TV Interviewer is  outwardly more westernized and yet supports all the cruelty and repression of Islam under sharia law – even though she would probably be the first victim if it was introduced. Whereas the burqued, more traditional, modestly covered women is the one  who rejects that Muhammad received divine revelation from Allah.  This claim alone is apostasy as it does not accept a core aspect of Islam – one that affirms Mohammeds divine supremacy and leadership.

What a surprising contrast!


Al-Qeada in France author speaks to recent events

Presaging things to come once Jihad spreads from returning European Salafists now in Libya. This reminds me of the returning communist sympathizers of the “Internationale Brigades” during 1936-39 Spanish Civil War.

h/t Vlad Tepes  et Merci a Oz-Rita pour les surtitles et traduction.


Gitmo End Game

Jon Stewart explains President Obama’s fateful move to empty Gitmo of last terrorist inmates and related PR disaster of negotiations with terrorists.  Adding to list of charges justifying POTUS Impeachment.

FOX News follows-up with more (with echos of DOD Pat Tillman coverup).

And Sun News puts a cherry on top.


Ezra Levant provides an exceptional summary of recent development that the victims of Omar Khadr’s treason – murdered Srgt Christopher Speers and severely disabled Medical Officer Lane Morris.  Now retired, Morris and Srgt Speers remaining family (his widow Tabitha Speers plus their children Tanner/Taryn Speers) are seeking US$42 million  in Civil Court for damages and compensation.

Sun News also points out the disgusting complicity of indictrination by the Canadian MSM (Main Stream Media) and CBA’s (Canadian Bar Associations – Federal and Provincial) in perpetuating a false narrative of this treacherous and cold blooded murder.

Here is the real “Junior Terrorist” Al-Qaeda grad photo of Omar Khadr omitted by these dishonoured organizations. Poster4 - A Teen Terrorist