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Merry Xmas (from Edmonton via Apple)

Hard to tell – but this video was shot in Edmonton’s Highlands neighborhood.


Letter to Macleans: “Re: Omar Khadr sues for $60 million”

Re: Omar Khadr sues for $60 million 

by  Michael Friscolanti

Nov 27, 2013

Is Friscolanti serious?  A young man coddled by Canada’s self-loathing, socialist system, groomed to build bombs to kill his fellow Canadians by a committed lieutenant in the Al Queda terrorist network, himself a still-proud and unrepentant killer and ongoing member of Al Queda, raised by a fanatic, jihadist family whose knee-jerk reaction to his killing and maiming of our allied brothers was “so what” (where have we heard that before?), pleads guilty to his crimes in an American court, now, from the protection of his Canadian jail cell, opportunely recants the supposed perjury he committed there, confusedly rescued in a last-minute reprieve by Canada’s irresponsible Minister of Public Safety, now-retired Vic Toews, backed by Canada’s Prime Minister, who ignored the public danger Khadr presents, dumped him back on the streets of my home town – and now Friscolanti is telling us that, because of our government’s neglect of this poor, beleaguered lad, “Canada has repeatedly failed Omar”, so we owe him $60 million?

Google Omar Khadr and you will read pages and pages of media cheerleaders, like Maclean’s, mythologizing this smug, unrepentant killer.  The liberal left has turned reason and common sense on its head.  We used to call what Khadr did, treason.  Given the fact that Canadian jurisprudence is governed by a Supreme Court that has told us that “truth is no defense” when it comes to criticizing Muslims, we can count on the fact that they will also hand the young killer several million dollars.  I keep getting the sense that I am living in some strange, parallel universe.  In poll after poll, a majority of sensible Canadians made it clear they did not want Khadr back on Canadian soil.  Yet, no matter that Khadr rejects and despises everything we Canadians believe in and stand for, Friscolanti insists that we owe him something because he can claim his dubious citizenship rights.

Here is the Canadian reward I suggest for Khadr.

Indict his entire jihadist family and throw them all in the same cell for the 40 years Omar was sentenced to – a place where they can enjoy each other’s company and do the least harm to the rest of us.

Sharon Maclise