Id and ego manipulation of young Jihadis

Quite by accident I came across this article “Jihadi Tourism” that explores the obsessive thoughts that lead mujahedeen (jihad fighters) imprisoned in Israeli jails to carry out terrorist attacks.

In particular:

  • jihadists’ obsessions with false or exaggerated beliefs sustained beyond reason or logic.
  • their inability to control their impulsive behavior, harmful to themselves and others.
  • self-enforced emotional and social isolation of mujahed‘s [the jihad fighter’s] in their search for meaning in life and how they turn their  back on civilization and everything it represents.

It seemed to me at least that these descriptors (and others mentioned in the article) match almost perfectly research on factors – social isolation, self-perceived burdonsomeness and sense of empowerment to action –  that influence lethal suicide attempts as described in Dr. Thomas Joiners recent work on a “Theory of Suicide”.

why suicide venn

Of course the difference is this psycho-pathology is encouraged and cultivated among fragile individuals rather than occurring “spontaneously” through  unfortunate life events or personal traumas.


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