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SHOCK – Edmonton Transit pulls Ads!

I am shocked to report that Edmonton Transit has pulled the Ads promoting a help line to prevent “honour” killings!

Here is the Pam Geller post on the pitiful event – and phone#/emails contacts to complain about this “caving” to Islamic pressure.

Why is it taboo to even mention that young girls/women may be subject to such pressures – when we know otherwise?



AFDI “Is your family threatening you?” Ad is up in Edmonton

Thank-you AFDI!

h/t BlazingCatFur

UK Documentary “Bajaz: A Love Story” sheds light on Honour Killings

Terrible cruelty and betrayal by her family in UK echo’s 2009 Shafia Family murders in Ontario.  [Micheal Coren’s comments on the Shafia Case at the time – he is now at Sun News ]

h/t FrontPageMag

Khadr loses – will appeal

It was reported last week that Alberta Associate Chief Justice Rooke denied the application to lighten the 27 yr-old terrorist Omar Khadr’s incareration from Edmonton Max to a less-restrictive Provincial Facility.

The judge stressed his ruling had nothing to do with Khadr’s background, other than the fact he is a Canadian, nor his age, the circumstances of his pre-transfer detention or which facility would be better or worse for him.

“…. placement does not involve increasing or decreasing the seriousness of punishment – the sentence is the punishment.”

Khadr’s lawyer said he plans to appeal.

Maclean’s did a piece on Khadr’s $10 million damages lawsuit against the Federal Government for violating his constitutional rights while detained in Gitmo.

Decision PDF

Oct 18 Edmonton Litfest – Amanda Lindhout

Next week Litfest 2013 will  arrive in Edmonton region and one of the speakers will be Amanda Lindout who in Aug 2008 was kidnapped while visiting Mogadishu Somalia as a freelancing journalist.  She was held for ransom along with her ex-boyfriend photo-journalist Nigel Brennan for 460 days before their  release.   Her co-written auto-biography “A House in the Sky” is about that experience.  She has faced some justified criticism over the whole experience.

Since her return Ms Lindhout founded the Global Enrichment Foundation.

Here is her introduction of her book.


She will be speaking on Fri Oct 18@1930h at Stan Milner Library. (Only tix remaining will be available at the door from 1830h)


Ezra Levant discusses the troubling pattern of Canadian involvement in international terrorism that isn’t letting up – with counter-terrorism expert David Harris.

ODNI Report – recidivism of Gitmo “releasee’s”

Three additional terrorists once held at the Guantanamo Bay prison were confirmed as having returned to terrorism after their release, and two others joined the ranks of those suspected of rejoining jihad against the West, according to a U.S. intelligence report dated January 2013 but just made public last week. [Editor: link is to archived site as actual public webserver/site for Office of Director of National Intelligence is down due to U.S Federal Government shutdown.]

gitmo detainee recidivism - jan 2013

The ODNI report also warned against the unconditional release of additional prisoners from the detention facility because of the risk they will go back to terror attacks or insurgent activity.

“Former [Guantanamo] detainees routinely communicate with each other, families of other former detainees, and previous associates who are members of terrorist organizations,” the ODNI report said. “The reasons for communication span from the mundane (reminiscing about shared experiences) to the nefarious (planning terrorist operations). We assess that some GTMO detainees transferred in the future also will communicate with other former GTMO detainees and persons in terrorist organizations.”

h/t AtlasShrugs

p.s  UK Daily Mail 2013OCT05 – Guantanamo Bay prisoner to be released after 11 years due to ‘severe mental illness’