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Radical Islamist leader of Toronto 18 dies in Syria

Sort of lays bare the empty claims that Khadr is of little risk – does it not?

Apologist lawyer Rob Nuttall reminds me of Dennis Edney.  Both are being paid to white-wash their clients.

Any sincere contrition must come direct from the source.

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Khadr’s Lawyer argues current detention illegal

On Monday Sept 23 Dennis Edney was scheduled to appeared at the Edmonton Law Courts (Courtroom 618) to argue that his client – convicted Terrorist Omar Khadr – was being illegally detained in Maximum Security at the Federal Prison known as the “Edmonton Institution”.

The usual crew of apologists attended.

Sun News clip.

PRESS RELEASE: Edney Argues Khadr detainment illegal

PRESS RELEASE:  Edney Argues Khadr detainment illegal
DATE: Sept 22, 2013

Tomorrow two Edmonton lawyers go to court to argue for juvenile privileges for a confessed killer.  Omar Khadr killed Sgt. Christopher Speer and permanently injured Sgt. Lane Morris.  No one will be in that courtroom speaking for Sgt. Speer or Morris or Speer’s widowed wife and bereaved children.  But the apologists and media will  be lining the streets to insure that Khadr gets his day in a free and democratic western courtroom.  There are no photos or stories in the papers to tell us how this man’s actions affected these people’s lives – just more of the same focus on the self-sustained troubles of an admitted and unrepentant scoundrel – their friend, husband and father’s killer.

Khadr was tried in an American military court, and given the best defense any rich, free man could want.  He confessed and was found guilty of his crimes and sentenced to 40 years in prison.  But a strangely orchestrated last minute reprieve arranged and ordered by President Obama and complied with by our own careless government brought Khadr back to Canada and to Edmonton’s back yard.

A fundamental aspect of our justice system is that there is no “clemency” for convicted criminals who do not admit to their crimes, show remorse and seek forgiveness from their victims.  But Khadr’s lawyers seek to skip these simple but inconvenient demands of western justice and to go straight to dumping their client out on our streets.  Dangerous, or not?  Who knows – I guess we’ll find that out as we stumble along.

Until Khadr recognizes the fact that he had a choice and that he made a dangerous, tragic and unforgiveable one when he decided to plan and execute an attack on the allies of his fellow Canadians, I will not be lining up with his apologists to offer him comfort and forgiveness.  I will reserve my comfort, in my words, if they can reach them, for his victims.

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