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Amnesty International – U of A Chapter hosts “Lets Talk about Omar Khadr” Event

On Monday July 8,  the U of Alberta Chapter of Amnesty International hosted an event called “Lets Talk about Omar Khadr” with an open discussion with Omar’s lawyer Mr. Dennis Edney and Dr. Arlette Zinck, a member of Omar’s educational team.

The event was well attended by many useful idiots (twitter photo: Erica Chan Mua @farfardian)

turnout at #omarkhadr nite at UofA

#omarkhadr Mon Jul 8, 2013

Amnesty International - U of A Chapter

Palestine Solidarity Network - Edmonton

(an article about a smack from another prisoner got written up in the Edmonton Journal as well on July 5.)


Terrorist Khadr eligible for parole in Canada

Anthony Furey speaks with Michael Coren about the very real possibility that convicted terrorist Omar Khadr will be released on parole.