Judge, jury and executioner

US citizens not exempt from extra judiciary drone strikes under Obama.

How has Obama been “off the hook” on this is beyond me.  Two breathtaking hypocrites stand out.

1)  WAPO agreed NOT to reveal the existence of a secret drone site in Saudi Arabia so as not to compromise Obama “kill-drone” operations against Yemeni targets.  Other majors newspapers have also supposedly been party to this.  It is disturbing that the MSM is acting like a lapdog to this President.

2) The Obama Administration believes it is completely within its authority to authorize “kill-drones” to eliminate any “justified” terrorist threat – including those who are American citizens  – WITHOUT ANY DUE PROCESS!   These issues should be part of the confirmation hearings for new CIA Director Thomas Brennan

Yet, the same liberal media has been whipping itself into a frenzy since 9/11 over the so-called “violations of constitutional rights” of alien (ie foreign/non-American) terrorist suspects operating outside of the U.S.A, therefore not covered  under U.S Law nor operating under long accepted definitions of the Geneva Convention.


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