Fact not Fiction of Zero Dark Thirty

A SLATE article covered an AEI (American Enterprise Institute – a conservative Think-Tank based in DC) Forum on the questions raised in public consciousness about America stooping to “torture” at Gitmo and Bagram AFB during the “War on Terror”.    (No doubt prompted by repeated assertions by many Liberals and  reinforced by the recent release of spy-thriller film “Zero Dark Thirty” about the hunt/elimination of Osama Bin Laden.)

1) America does not “torture” anyone – they use Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EIT).   In the SLATE article it is mentioned that all EIT’s have been tested on “tens of thousands of American  soldiers” – presumably in-order to prepare them for potential enemy action.

2) The film implies that scores if not hundreds of detainees were “waterboarded” – this is false.  Only three were – and that was only allowed with permission of  superiors.

3) Further coordinated international Legal propaganda by legions of left-wing- lawyers and “Human Rights” groups appear to have created a media “echo-chamber” effect that suggest a MASSIVE illegal CIA operation.  This is patently ridiculous.   At most, no more than 100 enemy combatants were detained at so-called “dark” sites.

UPDATE Aug 13, 2013:  I recently found this Sept 2006 interview between President Bush and Matt Lauer about “dark sites”.


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