Oct 20 Edmonton LitFest – “Shadows of Afghanistan”

Belatedly I learnt that Edmonton LitFest had a segment titled “Shadows of Afghanistan”   on Oct 20.  This brought together a number of notable Canadian writers  who have penned recent books related to the ongoing War in Afghanistan and was moderated by Edmonton Journal Editorial writer – Sheila Pratt and was held at at the Main Branch Milner Library downtown.


You may link to each author above and most have YouTube video’s or additional materials that describes a fairly eclectic mix of viewpoints – with only U of A’s Janice Williamson as the only pro-Kadhr piece.

Terry Glavin knows Afghanistan better than any Canadian journalist and is firmly pro-interventionist regarding  Afghanistan because he believes the Taliban to be one of most dangerous totalitarian Islamic organizations ever.

From what I could divine from Noah Richler’s interview with Strombo – he is exploring how we talk about war – and how that has changed with the Harper Conservatives – and he appears to not be impressed but it does not mean he is against Afghanistan.  Watch the CBC interview to see if you come to a different conclusion.

Finally, I am unsure of exactly the position of Paul Wells – National Political columnist at Maclean’s and formerly at National Post before “it turned to the center”.

It is unfortunate that I did not know about this earlier as it would have been worth the trip to see and hear most of them – but them’s the apples.


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