Terrorist Behind US Libyan Ambassador Murder released from Gitmo in 2007

Breitbart has reported that the supposed “mastermind” behind the well-planned military attack on the U.S Embassy in Bengazi Libya on Sept 11, 2012 which ended in the murder of it’s desperately poorly-secured Ambassador – Mr. Christopher Stevens – had been a guest of Gitmo.   Despite being a “medium-to-high risk” – Mr. Sufyan Ben Qumu – was handed over by the Bush Administration into the hands of the Gadaffi regime – but released into the general population in 2008 as an act of generosity.

It is interesting to read in this April 2011 New York Times article – that the leader of the soon-to-be victorious Libyan rebels forces Mr. Abdul-Hakim al-Hasadi said:

“I don’t know how to convince everyone that we are not Al Qaeda here.”

Western observers added at the time,  “We are more worried about Al Qaeda infiltration from outside than the indigenous ones.  Most of them have a local agenda so they don’t present as much as a threat to the West.”

Huh – how about that?


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