LRWC demands compensation for Khadr

Based only on unproven allegations of torture, this radical group LRWC (Lawyers Rights Watch Canada) is pressing our government for compensation to Omar Khadr similar to the C$11.5 million Maher Arar received.    That payment to Arrar has been considered very ill-advised after the fact –  but both hinge on the question of whether or not our governments in some way facilitated our citizens being tortured – knowingly or unknowingly.  I think that is quite far-fetched, not to mention evil and disingenuous.

LRWC has also been behind most of these inflammatory charges in the past – but besides innuendo – they have not provided any credible evidence to back up these claims.   Immediately after arrest, Omar Khadr was barely alive but for the extraordinary medical care given him by U.S Medics after that fateful ambush near Khost on July 27, 2002 – and which resulted in their colleagues Medic Sgt Chris Speers death and Sgt Layne Morris severe injury.  Quite simply Omar Khadr was given the best  medical treatment and care available in a war-zone.  That he was abused while under the watchful eyes of U.S Military Doctors and Nurses between evacuation, surgery, recovery,  treatment, and rehab is irresponsible in the extreme.   Further, once at Gitmo – it is a glaring inconsistency that NO medical reports or psych evaluations revealed any indication he was physically abused or mistreated.  Indeed, Khadr himself admitted to Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner that he was well treated.  That does not mean his detention avoided emotional or mental hardship due to a loss of liberty – because that is the whole point.


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