Castigation of University Prof’s Khadr worship

At 5:00min mark – Ray Heard mentions today’s G&M Book Review of Ezra Levants book about Omar Khadr “The Enemy Within” as well as another recently published collection of essays, poems, screenplays and reprinted articles edited by UofA English Prof Janice Williamson titled “Omar Khadr, Oh Canada”.   Heard is rather exercised at the factual inaccuracies that abound in Prof Williamson’s collection perhaps because he is unaware that it falls under the oxymoronic genre of “Creative Non-Fiction” and that Prof Williamson teaches Creative Writing and Film Studies.


One response to “Castigation of University Prof’s Khadr worship

  1. If not treason, then declare him a dangerous offender. The money Omar will sue for will be mind boggling and then he will go on welfare like the rest of his family. Arar scammed $10 mil and didn’t even have to show his ‘scars’. I’d like to see our Canadian Forces personnel take a stand on the reparation of O.K., gays, women, and Jews, too.

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