Rally is a GO!

We will be holding a peaceful protest against the return of Omar Khadr to Canada on Wed July 18 at 12 noon at the Edmonton Law Courts Plaza (Downtown across from City Hall at 10287-99 St).

Please let us know if you support our position and plan on attending the rally.

Contact:  StopKhadrEdmonton@gmail.com


2 responses to “Rally is a GO!

  1. We must stop this terrorist Omar Khadr from entering Canada, he is not really a Canadian , only conviently for his terrorist agenda, his family mocked Canadians on CBC years back and have not changed.

  2. Sharon Eikel

    Two words Christopher Speer. The bleeding hearts seem to have forgot the damage our “little terrorist boy” inflicted. Canadians must take a stand and let the rest of the world know that we won’t tolerate Khadr’s mother, sister and CBC playing the “victims” anymore. It seems that we must not offend any muslims and change our ways to suit them. Unacceptable, the Khadr’s supporters have become professional whiners and victims. I am really offended by the offended terrorists. Enough!!!!!


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