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Dr. Jeffrey Addicott clears up a number of legal misrepresentations made by supporters of Omar Khadr regarding – foreign detention vs domestic jail, lawful vs unlawful enemy combatants, interrogations vs torture.


Montreal Event

Video of the Montreal Rally on July 18

Montreal Part 1/2

Montreal Part 2/2

Valerie Price of Act! for Canada led the Event and noted blogger Marc Lebuis, from Point de Bascule  also addressed the crowd.   I found this post of interest.   (Which may explain why UofT hosts this Omar Khadr  Resource page – or perhaps not – I understand another UofT Law Prof  Audrey Macklin maintains it.)


Interview with Danielle Crittenden who did an “under-cover” experiment into multicultural intimidation by wearing a full burka for 1 week in Washington DC! and then wrote about her experiences. One of the most interesting things I learnt was that wearing a burka is a MODERN invention of piety.  In other words – it is a modern invention that only recently became part of attire for devout Muslin women.   This seems very odd.    Why did this happen?


An Ontario women – who calls herself a Syrian-Canadian – has decided to return to help her former countrymen fight with Free Syrian Army. This is a problem of divided loyaties that indicates a question of Canadians of Convienience.


Tarek Fatah answers why it’s not Islamophobic for severely normal Canadians to want to keep Khadr out of Canada.

Thank-you to Toews for request

Ezra Levant looks at how the Canadian government took the right first step in keeping Omar Khadr out of Canada.  Ezra would like all supporters to recognize this and asks that everyone send a Thank-you email to the Hon. Vic Toews (vic.toews [at] and Prime Minister Harper (pm [at]

Here is blogpost of Ezra Levant listing the documents of Dr. Welner that have been released – excluding the 8hrs of taped interviews.

Vic Toews asks for Dr. Welner video testimony

In a rapid turn of events, Public Safety Minister Hon. Vic Toews has answered one of our prayers as requested in a petition from the cross-country rally’s held July 18 in Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Abbotsford.

In the Toronto Sun this morning, Terry Davidson writes:

In a formal letter sent Thursday to both U.S. defence secretary Leon Panetta and Khadr’s Toronto lawyer, John Norris, Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews states that in order to have Khadr sent back to serve the remainder of his sentence in Canada, officials north of the boarder must be given access to sealed video footage of separate interviews with Khadr that were carried out by two psychiatrists during the lead-up to Khadr’s trial in 2010.

The other petition requested Khadr be charged with Treason.