ISIS recruiters can easily target Canadians: Expert

Multiple reports state Farah Mohamed Shirdon, a man in his early 20s from a Calgary, was killed in Iraq while serving with ISIS forces.

His alleged death comes after two other former Calgarians died fighting with extremists in the last year:

Damian Clairmont was killed while fighting in Syria and Salman Ashrafi died in a suicide bombing mission in Iraq.

Here is the rest of this article on Sun News.

Mainstream Media continues to “carry water” for Omar Khadr

In yesterdays Edmonton Journal (Aug 16, 2014) another reader opposed the EJ’s Editorial comment “Stop Playing Politics with Khadr” – reprinted in many other Post Media properties – that suggested the Federal Government was exacting a particularly cruel punishment on Omar Khadr by preventing any reasonable media access to him while he has been in prison.

Mr. Brad Schurman of Sherwood Park took issue with Jane Orydzuk’s July 31 critique of Canada’s role in providing military support in Iraq  and Afghanistan to bring about regime change post 9/11.

Punish Khadr for life

Re: “Stop playing politics with Khadr,” Jane Orydzuk, Letters, July 31

This letter-writer wrote “there were hundreds of American and Canadian soldiers firing bullets at many innocent people.”

With an accusation such as this, it’s a wonder we still live in a free country. How many million pounds of aid have our military flown over to civilians in any given mission, how many schools, wells or power plants have they rebuilt that were destroyed by violent shadowy people? How much more good have they done while under fire than time spent firing?

Omar’s kin are a certified Canadian terrorist family, several of which have either been disabled or killed during their free participation in terrorism, combat, or whatever adventure you want to relabel that behaviour as. They have no love or respect for you or Canada, and have said as much.

If you are going to compare free-roaming murderers our justice system pampers and early releases, to this murderer who has been caught and jailed, then my hope is that Omar does get “punished for the rest of his life,” just as every murderer should be.

Brad Schurman,Sherwood Park

Sharon Maclise had penned the original letter that precipitated this dialogue – and she has this to add:

The Edmonton Journal has made it their mission to convince the public that Omar was a mere boy with the instincts of a child when he killed Sgt. Speer and maimed Sgt. Morris.  Apparently not all “the people” are buying it. They weren’t buying it in 2008 BEFORE our clever Conservative government decided, for reasons only known to themselves and never shared with the public, to bring him back to Canada:

And, despite the repeated finger-wagging and tongue-lashings of the Lawrence Martin’s  of the Media Party (as Ezra Levant of Sun News labels the main-stream media):

most of us are still not buying it today in 2014:

It seems that the only ones who have swallowed the “Let’s make Omar a folk hero” bait his lawyers have set for them, are the Media Party.  And, oh yes, and the Raging Grannies.

Brad Schurman, a letter-writer published in today’s Journal, (see above) has the right idea regarding Omar Khadr and what should be done with him ~ given lifelong punishment as every murderer is given.

You need to realize how amazing this is, that this letter was published.  My understanding of good journalism (silly, saying that in the same breath as Edmonton Journal) that the Letters page should publish letters according to the same percentage of letters, pro and con, that the paper receives on any issue.  Thus, the Journal must feel compelled to occasionally publish a letter reflecting the public’s disgust with Khadr, as I am sure they get hundreds of letters voicing that opinion, so they cannot be accused of bias!  Yes, you can laugh now!  Sheila Pratt of the Journal is Khadr’s personal progressive cheering section, publishing everything that makes him look so “put upon” by her version of right-wing fascists and filtering anything resembling the unpleasant facts of his history and actions.

While the Journal used to publish my Letters regularly, since Margo Goodhand, late of the Winnipeg Free Press (see link below regarding Goodhand’s Winnipeg Free Press and Manitoba journalism history) became the new editor, it never publishes one.  Knowing Goodhand’s journalism background, I called her up shortly after she became editor wondering why the Journal could not be bothered to join the Press Council of Alberta – were they afraid of regulation and oversight?  This may explain a little more about who Goodhand is and why she prefers to avoid outside regulation of her press practices.  It seems she prefers to be a one woman regulator of other media, with a direct pipeline to the CRTC, while steering clear of oversight herself:

“However she managed to stay around just long enough to see the irreparable damage that she caused to the radio station, to the reputation of the college, and, worst of all, to the integrity of the journalism course it offers.”

Sharon Maclise


Adrienne BHATRA, Arun KHAN and Ray HEARD discuss why Mulsim Community does not criticise radical elements within their own community and posters at York University that indicate a backlash against immigration.

ISIS indoctrination of children

In the video below a 9 year-old boy is coached and primed by his Belgian father to say hateful things about “kafirs” (non-Muslims in the west) then another looks forward to learning to go to a camp where he will learn to use an AK-47 and kill “Americans, Russians, Kafirs”.

Who can doubt this was the kind of programming Omar Khadr was exposed to while traveling with his father in Pakistan/Afghanistan to various Al-Qaeda operatives?

h/t VICE 

Let Khadr tell his own story

Letter to Edmonton Journal RE: Opinion – July 30, 2014

Khadr is an admitted killer who would have been sentenced to 40 years in jail had his sentence not been interrupted by our hypocritical Canadian government.  Would we let Paul Bernardo, who defended his heinous crimes, give a self-serving interview to the public from inside his jail cell?  Not a chance.  We did not give falsely convicted inmates like David Milgaard or Steven Truscott or Donald Marshall a podium to preach from, and they never admitted to the crime they were falsely convicted of committing.

Why would we give someone who was a traitor to his country, entered a battlefield against his fellow countrymen with the object of killing, injuring, maiming and harming men and women that Canadians, you and me, sent to that battlefield to defend and protect us, a chance to speak?  We should allow a man who has never repented of his crimes or promised to avoid any association with family and friends who continue to preach in support of the same traitorous crimes, a public podium to further injure the memories of the 158 soldiers who died on that battlefield and the family of his dead victim as well as his surviving victims? His crimes speak loudly for themselves.

And why would a self-respecting, principled reporter and news outlet ever consider publishing his words?  To sell newspapers in a down market?

Sharon Maclise

Freedom Rally in Calgary on July 31

Anti-Israeli extremists held a violent riot in front of City Hall in Calgary.
For details go to

This is Canada – not Gaza.

Join Ezra Levant in Calgary on Thurs July 31 at 6pm to Support Israel and
show that Canadians support freedom not thuggery.

All details here.

We encourage everyone to attend and hear from speakers: Ezra Levant, Tarek Fatah and Ryan Bellerose.

This is Canada, not Gaza.